The kind of humanism that seems to me to be most valuable at present is that which fully disarticulates innovation and progress; which makes visible the limits of the ideology surrounding technology; which can summon several millennia of human culture from various corners of the globe; and which never stops reminding us of the spiritual and ethical, rather than material or digital, dimensions of human experience. Fish is right to suggest that throughout human history much of that kind of thinking has spoken in a religious idiom, and that it is not less thoughtful for that. The Platonic utopianism of Saint Augustine or al-Farabi prompts us to imagine an ideal human society. That is a kind of vision that no 3D smartphone can provide.

Feisal G Mohamed (from the linked article)

I do not think that we need more reminding of the “spiritual”, and there is nothing unethical about digital humanities or technical vocabulary.  There is nothing unethical about ANY vocabulary.  

The last thing we need is for the continued dominance of religious idioms within ethical/intellectual discourse.  


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