Overheard: Parents That Are Clueless About Tech in the Classroom

–  You have to post something on “Tumblr”?  ”Tumblr” sounds like a porn site, young man, and you’re not posting anything there.

–  Tell your teacher to get a newspaper.  Flipboard sounds like a drinking game.  

–   Tweeting to your teacher?  I’ll tell you what, Iran got one thing right when they banned Twitter, I think.  

– Absolutely not.  Dropbox sounds like a sex position. 

–  You have to use Pocket for class?  Is that some new drug? 

–  You had to read something on Instapaper for English class.  Stop showing me your iPad.  Show me this new kind of paper.  Instantly.  

–  Tell your teacher that you can’t use Nearpod in class.  You aren’t allowed to use your iPod, either, and Nearpod is just the new iPod, yeah?

– You have to edit a “wiki”?   Does your teacher know “English”?

– You have to scoop something on Scoopit?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  The only thing you’re scooping up this evening is what comes out of Rover, young lady.  


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