my job, apps, stocks

I was a classics major at Oberlin College, and upon graduation I started a Latin program at a school in Los Angeles.  Looking for more money (yikes), I took a job as a private tutor for a wealthy family.  I homeschool a young boy in the Spring while the family travels on a private super-yacht around the world.  I get to come along for the ride and guide one smart, thoughtful boy through Middle School curriculum, including music and PE.  Not a bad gig.  I fear sounding petty when complaining about certain aspects of the job, but it has its downsides.  The boat was spectacular for the first month, but being mostly on a boat for a few months with one family is not all tea and biscuits (although they are British).   We resume our next trip in early February, into the Mediterranean and Black seas. I’m going to use this blog to keep track of my thoughts a little bit better, as well as record what I read and the positions that I have in my newfound interest, the stock market. I got interested in the stock market because my pupil was very intent on learning more about it.  In my free time, I am designing iPad learning games that teach Latin and Italian from scratch, and on that front I hope to attend graduate school in ed-tech in the Spring….somewhere in California because California is greatest, and heck, it’s the only state with a state motto in ancient Greek.   But really, I hate the cold and I’m liberal.  


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